For those of you asking if you can blog with your phone, the answer
is YES. Now let me reveal the the biggest secret you have not heard
before about blogging. When I mean mobile phone, I meant any mobile
phone that can send email, yes you hard me right. You don't need much
Web-design experience. Normally, you essential to map into the Blogger
dash to make a put up and announce it on your blog. The
Mail-to-Blogger aspect lets you submit posts to your blog from your
send focus on as a result that you solve not want to project into
Blogger to make public content. Mail-to-Blogger allows you to
advertise your posts the minute or avoid them as drafts.

Set Up Mail-to-Blogger
1. gaping your Internet browser and record in to an officer tally for
your Blogger blog.
2. Click the "Settings" tab and so therefore click "Email." Scroll
down to the "Mail-to-Blogger Address" section.
3. insert a underground word in the Mail-to-Blogger tackle box. The
speak to is in the plan of ","
somewhere "username" is your Blogger username and "secretword" is the
word you entered in the box
4. Click "Publish emails immediately" to publish posts as soon as you
send them or click "Save emails as draft posts." Click "Save.".

1. Log in to your email account and compose a new email.
2. Enter your Mail-to-Blogger address in the "To" field. Type the
title of your post in the "Subject" field.
3. Type your post in the body of the email. Add a picture to the post
by attaching an image to the email.
4. Click "Send" to send the post to your blog or save it as a draft in Blogger.
Remember if you set it to send , it will update your blog within
seconds and if you set to draft, you have to login to your blog
dashboard to publish it.

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