five reasons to buy a new phone with warranty.
though am not against second-hand/uk-used phones. but from my experience as a phone geek who changes phone like shirt lol. I want to reveal some secret many phone users don't know about buying new phones that has warranty attached to it.

1, New/warranty Phones are strong/firm
no doubt new phones always come intact with no fault. it is hard for you to buy a new phone and you notice fault in it. one user can even use their new phone without taken it to phone engineers. I remember the last time I exchanged my phone with someone and he balanced me some cash, I was happy at first but after two weeks the pad no longer touch and when I repaired it. Iater the phone start slow charging.

2, new/warranty phones comes with prove of ownership.
when you purchase a new phone, the seller always issues you a receipt, to prove the ownership of the phone. have you ever been stopped by police or security personal asking about your phone information and they may even divert the issues by asking you prove of ownership/receipt . imagine if you don't have the receipt my brother you are on your own.

3, New/warranty phones gives you rest of mind.
when you buy new phone, you are on the safer side, buying a second hand phone may put you into trouble. imagine if the phone was stolen. stolen phones are always cheap. but if the owner catch you with the phone eeh, you will spend your life savings in the police costody, so buying a new/ warranty phones will keep you off this mess,

4, New/warranty phones can be returned to the seller if any fault is noticed.
when you buy new phone from a brand store. it is always written " 12 months warranty " if within the twelve month you noticed any fault, please do not take it to any engineer or temper with the warranty sealed. jejely take it to the shop you bought the phone, if they can't solve the problem, they will give you another brand new phone of that type with no extra cost.
but do not spoil the phone with your hand o if not devil fit fall your hand.
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5, New/warranty phones can be repaired cheaply.
if you buy any mediatek phone like Gionee, Tecno,itel. and it developed any fault, just as long as the warranty is still they. just take it to any MediaTek shop in your location, we have lots of them here in Nigeria, they will repair phone at cheap price, I ones changed my camon c8 panel with just 1,500 . the reason was that I have my warranty sealed intact.

this article is based on my experience, if you still have more you can use the comment box so others can learn.

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