Smart phones are so special to us that we can't afford to lose so sudden, also the high price at the other side will make you handle you phone with care. 

Each smart phone comes with its original charger, so they manufactures always recommend charger for your phone battery. Many people end up damaging thier phone/battery by using desktop charger to charge their phone.   

In this article, I will show you the disadvantage of charging your phone with desktop charger.

1, It weakens the battery : know this today, that your phone battery that you are charging with desktop is getting weaker everytime you plug it, you are exposing it direct to the electric, no much capacitor to regulate the flow of current, see your phone have a capacitor that regulate the each current that go in through your charging point. And this is why you should always use original charger for your phone.

2, It charges slow : charging your phone with desktop charger and charging it with wire detached/attached charge, you can't  compare   both of them in fast charging, what your charger can can charge for 90 min. Desktop can charge it  for 4hrs. Also after charging with desktop the battery won't last long befor it goes off.

3, you will spoil the battery. : remember that charging your phone with desktop weakens the battery and If you continue that  way your battery won't Last long, it may end up swollen, that period your battery will be bigger in size , and this I abnomal size, and after some times, something watery like fliue will be droping out of the battery.  

4, your smartphone will be faulty/damage soon: removing your battery everytime from your phone is not advisable and maybe lead your phone from powering, this is one of the reasons why many phone company is producing inbuilt battery, this inbuilt battery is stored In a way   that you can't easily remove the battery unless you are a technician.

5, you can't access your phone while charging:  it's not a crime to charge your phone, infact it is one of your duties to charge your phone as long as you use it, but charging your phone with desktop,  you can't operate your phone while charging, not only that, your phone have to be off, no calls or text during this period, but you can avoid  all this by using a charger.

Note that this things mentioned above have been confirm before posting. If you still have other things to add, you can use the comment box.

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