400Gb SanDisk 

We thought 256GB was the highest MicroSD capacity, but Today Western Digital proved us wrong with its newly introduced 400GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card. This is actually the largest-capacity microSD card available on the market.
With this new SanDisk 400 gigabytes MicroSD card, users will be able to transfer files upto speed of 100MB/s and goes as SDXC UHS-I class of a card. This memory card is rated as App Performance Class A1, which signifies that the card can run apps as well.

For now no smartphone can access this memory but am sure samsung will suprise us soon,
The price of the memory card is 92,000

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  1. Please be updated, Sandisk has already released 1TB SD Card and it was last year.


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