Infinix not charging fast,  charging port,

Is your infinix smartphone not charging? Or it is charging slow. Normally your phone suppose to charge 100% within 1hr 3min. Anything longer than that, it means they is something wrong.

Also if your infinix or any smartphone don't last after charging, something is wrong.

I have had a lot of complain from infinix users about thier phone not lasting battery and also I lots of time to add %.

Below I have listed reason why your infinix/smartphone is not charging fast or does not last.

Infinix fastest charger,  not charging.  Charging problem.

1,   Bad charger : believe me  if you don't have a follow come charger that comes directly from your phone manufacturer, don't expect it to charge fast, all infinix phone comes with a fast charger, ( what I mean by fast charger, the charging signal will be two instead of one), this fast charger can charge your infinix phone within 1hr but if you use other chargers, it can be 3hrs, this charger is scares but you can always see it in some phone dealers shops.

To know the original charger, it is always white in colour, comes with cord and some comes in blue pack, make sure you test it before buying, plug it for about 10 min. Let it show the double sign charging. 
the last I sold to my customer was #2500.

Charging port infinix

2,    charging flex : charging flex  is the inbuilt connection between your charger and the phone, if this flex got damage, you will notice som of this things,

Ì. Your phone may not charge or charge slow.
Ii. Your phone can't connect to the system again
Iii. I will no longer flash charge.

When you notice all this it means  your charging flex needs to be changed, Don't work the faulty one, it is better you change th flex completely, It will cost you. #1500, 

3, software : it may be that your phone is having software problem, . To solve this, flash your phone or upgrade the os, remeber to backup your files before flashing.

4, faulty battery : when your phone battery is bad, or started increasing in size, it can not charge wel, it's either it charges from 1% to 100 within 10mins or it charges to 6hrs, first of all confirm that the problem is from the battery befor changing new one.

5, panel problem : if your panel is bad, and can't be repair it is better to change it.  

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