For glo users that have been experiencing slow network , the fault is not from GLO but from YOU,

i studied this for years, and am enjoying it now.

glo has the cheapest data plan, you can get 2gb for just N1000 . which network is giving out that now?

in this article am going to show you how you can make your glo network browsing speed faster than, mtn , 9mobile and airtel .

also read how to 

firstly get a glo sim , if you have one then skip to the next,

> go to SETTINGS in your phone
> then edit your bearer settings
the default is unspecified, so just unclick it

> then tick on the following i show in the picture below

thats all. do this and watch the fastsness of your glo network, it will amaze you.

for 4G user tick the LTE but if you are using 3G tick the four option after LTE.

please dont forget to drop your response , taste it and drop your feedback ..

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