If your phone is over heating and you are wondering why, this post is for you. know that over heating phone consumes a lot of battery, slows the phone and can one day damage the phone finally.

in this post i will be showing you the possible cause of that your phone that is always hot.

1> YOUR PHONE INBULT CHIP :    one of the causes may be from the manufacturers , if your phone chips , power ic, mmc chip and frame is of low quality, then they your phone is made to be over heating, many phone products are guilty of this, include some samsung, iphone, itel, tecno e.t.c, if you have the chanced of opening any of this phones ,you will clearly see my point.


if your phone panel is faulty, then your phone may over heat, imaging you bought a new mobile phone , and for months it have been serving you well, until recently you started noticing that your phone is hot anytime you operate it,though your phone suppose to have slight hotness when on heavy usage, but it should not been when you just put on your data or replying few messages, if so, thst means your phone panel is bad. in many phones they is no 100% solution for this ,only if you are  changing the full panel.


if your phone have been giving you hardware issue and you have been taken it to engineers for repair, the more you open the phone and work on the panel, the more fault it will result on the future, it maybe that you have been changing the charging port, the screen,touch pad or any ic in the panel. when working on these problem, we use soldiering iron, heater and other hot tools on the panel so some of the ic may get damaged.


its not always hardware that cause over heating sometimes it is the software, for example my infinix hot 4 after i upgraded it to version 7  , i notice over heating , and my battery always go down after charging, in some phones upgrade/downgrade can cause over heating. also if your phone is rooted, not all phone though, rooting can make your phone to hot, so you can just unroot it, you can also flash your phone with the recent stock roms to solve the over heating.


If you are using a bad charger, it may cause your phone to over heat, check the kind of charge that came with your phone , incase your follow come charger is bad, try and get something similar to that. always check the output of charger before buying. always use the charger applicable with your phone.


if you are not using your Bluetooth, Wifi, Data, Gps always off them, these things consumes a lot of battery and can cause your phone to over heat, dont leave then on when not in use.


 if you are a game frick , you are always online, streaming the whole video on the net,  some of those games / application you download online consumes a lot of power than other, and can cause your phone to over heat, minimize the game you play, how often you stay online and reduce video  streaming, and examine if the phone heating will reduce.


if your battery is old or failing then they is possibility for your phone to over heat. one of the primary reason of your over heating phone, is the battery, if they is no battery in your phone, they is noting in this world that will make your phone to hot. so try and check your battery. confirm from a phone engineer if its the battery before changing.  


water/liquid and gadgets are enemies, i have encounter many complain from costumers , after they phone falls inside water , it starts to overheat, that one is cause by the water, take it to the engineer for servicing.

above  these are the cause of over heating phones,

incase you always know any cause please use the comment box and let us know.

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